We have been working in the background. Until the materials you can see below are ready, please visit the Blog page and enjoy the bilingual posts that are written to help you improve your knowledge! 🙂

Words and expressions right into your mailbox everyday

Who is this for?

Everyone who is just starting with Hungarian and wants to build their vocab. You can learn the basic structers of different sentences too. This e-mail series also can be a great help for those who have been learning for a while and curious about expressions used by native Hungarian speakers.

What can be found inside?

– New words and expressions (many of them you might have never heard or used before)

– Basic greetings and other phrases;

How to use it?

Just enter your first name and e-mail address and you’ll get something useful on a daily basis to keep your studies ongoing.

Ready to use PDF and audio. Free to download.

Who is this for?

Everyone who comes to Hungary from abroad and have difficulties with a different language and want to manage their daily lives in an easier, natural way, without other languages or an interpreter while staying in Hungary.

  • Travelers who visit Hungary in their holidays and want to feel themselves more comfortable communicating in Hungarian in different situations such as staying in a hotel, eating out, travelling by public transport etc.
  • Students and workers who stay in Hungary for months or years and want to make their lives easier.

What can be found inside?

For travelers and tourists

– Basic greetings and other phrases;

– Short conversations with

  • hotel staff members
  • shop staff

– Basic communication in restaurant, cafes, other public places that tourists can be interested in;

– Useful phrases for traveling by public transport;

– How to call a taxi, rent a car or bike;

– Arranging urgent cases in offices (lost personal documents, money, other belongings), how to use an ATM;

… and more.

For students and working people

– CV sample;

– How to fill in application forms;

– Most important job interview questions;

– Help with common, useful to-dos, such as:

  • how to purchase online
  • how to rent an apartment
  • how to communicate with a doctor

… and more.

How to use it?

From the text file you can learn the correct spelling and the basics of the grammar, while the sound files help you improve your pronounciation. You can match the written and the mp3 files easily by their titles. Use time anywhere, anytime, as much as you can!

A useful guide for getting started in Hungarian

Who is this for?

For everyone who is serious about starting Hungarian as a foreign language

Everyone who is interested in speaking, writing, reading, listening in Hungarian  and thinks it’s worth learning for a good reason.

When have a Hungarian spouse, friends or other native acquaintances or you need to spend your time in Hungary on a regular basis or permanently, you have probably experienced that it would be much better to know the language.

If you have to communicate with a native Hungarian and this is their only language, you surely want to learn it. It’s often inevitable, makes your life easier, helps you understand the country and its people better and also gives you an insight into the culture too.

What can be found inside?

– A helpful guide to understand Hungarian grammar through explanations and examples.

– Simple, easy to understand sentence structures (statements, negations and questions);

– Different cases of the pronouns;

– Verb conjugations;

– How to use nouns in different cases

– Preffixes and suffixes;

– Inflection of adjectives;

– Most important adverbs.

Very important

You WON’T be fluent after learning the content of this ebook. The goal of the material is providing you with the basics of the language that can be a good foundation for your further studies in case you are interested and want to continue.

With this ebook we want to show you that Hungarian is NOT as difficult language as it is considered by most of the foreigners. It certainly has a unique logic, but when you start with any other language, you might face the same challange. However Hungarian can be learnt without insurmountable difficulties. Our goal is to assure you about it.

How to use it?

This ebook is meant to be an easy to use step by step guide from sctratch to a higher level where you can understand the language better. The table of content lets you navigate easily between the sections.