Who we are

Dear learner of Hungarian,

This site is aimed to help foreign people to learn Hungarian, guiding them all along the way to fluency in this language. This won’t be an easy journey, there’s a lot of challenges, but the primary purpose is to make the ride enjoyable and fun.

My name is Robert Mihaly (Mihály Róbert in Hungarian) and I am the founder of Magyar Nyelvsuli. Born in 1980, being a native Hungarian and language enthusiast, I want to help YOU reach your goals to be a confident and fluent speaker of Hungarian.

As my personal experiences with foreign languages: I started to learn English and Japanese when I was a kid and in the future I also want to make my knowledge deeper in these languages and begin to learn new ones.

I have helped foreign people with their Hungarian on another language teaching website since September 2011 and I thought about starting my own one quite a while ago in order to reach more students and provide them my own ideas. So that’s how Magyar Nyelvsuli was created. I am going to put my heart and soul into it as I really want to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience.

I’ll be looking for wonderful colleagues, team members in order to make the learning process as fun as it can be for you. Because learning doesn’t have to be a boring, endless struggle. Of course you must make the effort in order to experience significant improvement, but I can assure you that Hungarian fluency is not impossible at all. With our website you can learn anytime, anywhere.

I’ve always had fantastic teachers and instructors and I want to pass on the same concept.

On the site you will find interesting content. Text, audio and video lessons may come to your way. We will improve all of the skills with the materials in the courses.

The interlingua in Magyar Nyelvsuli is English, however you’ll find as much Hungarian as possible. For example our videos will be presented in Hungarian with English subtitle. In the text documents on the beginning levels, you’ll find much English explanation but in the course of the time as you progress with the materials, English will be decreased, replaced with more and more Hungarian.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the time you’ll spend with us! Happy learning!

Robert Mihaly


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